Guess our new team leader is kinda hot. Looks like she’s in her thirties, definitely on the younger side for leading teams. Changed to our department from back office, so one can sense that she is letting some kind of inexperience show. The kind that is appropriate to flash at us groundlevel call centre agents. I almost laugh when I listen to the conversation with our team leaders. They all answer just like upper management would. In the most general way possible but always according to textbook. You know listening to silly things getting beaten like a dead horse. That our numbers have to be right, that smoking is bad for health and all that jazz. But I don’t wrap my head around it. Frankly I don’t care. I care about doing my job. If that means a different thing to another, so be it. Yet I see that our guys all modify the way they talk to customers to fit my speech patterns. Which is commendable. Because I am a fucking great communicator and it means that they see that they should imitate me. Fake it till they make it, so to speak. I am dead serious. My numbers may seem just all right and not especially awesome. Yet I know that they all have got something to learn from me. Something one learns by example. As I said before, the reason I look down on everybody is that nobody got my skills. Skills regarding shit that is hard to explain. A well. I love my job, because I got zero responsibilities for those assholes around me. I scratch my head when I see them fighting over the hierarchy. Who wants to be the king of assholes? I am glad to pay for food and gas and all that stuff and watch my YouTube and Netflix and Korean variety shows and well, trust in Jesus. Of course no one likes to be bullied by fucktards but I like eating and working even more. And the sole reason to seek promotion is that they don’t need to take calls. Makes sense that they wanna be in charge. Instead of doing the job they are terrible at they can boss around those who are terrible as well. And make everyone miserable in the process. So I try to create a bubble where I can do my job and do it well. And I pride myself that this work ethics collide with everybody. Fucking everybody. In a way that puts my way against theirs. Because I always assume that they are terrible and poor communicators. And frankly they are objectively speaking. As I mentioned before, we are last in customer ratings along with Berlin, for Germany. So the solution is that everybody takes up my example. I really do think that it is. This is no megalomania, for I know it is still crap. Because the system is kinda set up in a way that sucks. And at the root lies nothing but more misery which is why it’s alright as it is. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. My pay stays the same. Why wake a sleeping lion if someone has to be last. And anyway. Our new team leader is not THAT hot. Maybe a strong 6. Turning to a solid 7 compared to the gals I sit next to. But listen to Mr. “Too shy to have a girlfriend and fucks prostitutes for 15 seconds” rate women. Hmm. Fun though. This whole blog was just about coming to grips with how hot the new TL is on a 1 to 10 scale, really. I just read it again, it’s basically trying to avoid but then going right for the rating. Followed by a typical amount of self depreciation. Out of guilt, I guess. I’ve got a very analytical mind regarding shit. Like an expert butcher who knows the motions cutting up a cow. The cave troll next to me nicknamed me “combat Korean”. Sounds like some stereotype of Asians gets honoured by that. But it is inoffensive and therefore nice. I heard worse. 


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