As a misfit. That would sum up my life up to now. It all depends on my mood too, but right now I think about my friends from high school. Saying I went crazy and roll their eyes when they hear about me. It hurts. Didn’t when it came to my attention. Maybe it needs to fall into too deep a well until things make me feel something that it can be said I am maladjusted to social life. But even though I want to show them I am not. That I just went where no way was and failed miserably. I know that we all went too long without each other’s company. Even though we act like we’re close. It is just an act. Racial divide even. I know that I need to move on and it hurts. I can’t even move on from my parents and I hate my parents. At least I can wait and hope. Hope for a miracle. For change. For better days.


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