Went as expected. I noticed better performance without the distraction of incompetent assholes around me. Worries me that I am the only one who actually cares about job performance rather then screaming about life, girlfriend, boyfriend or anything else that comes to mind. You see, they all consider this job as a place of how they can spent the time being assholes and get away with it. I’m not exaggerating at all. It is the lowlife scum I surround myself with. One gets washed up at a call centre because you fucked up along the way like me. Or you got a lazy and stupid disposition that gets one no regular job, or fired from such. At least I used the time in my twenties becoming a semi enlightened madmen. I can laugh at shit. I flirt with the thought of calling up whores I can’t afford. Because I get bored and horny. Thats why I’m writing this up instead. I refuse to masturbate because I noticed my hair thinning out and take that as proof that it drains energy. Little concerned about uni, starting this winter semester. Need to get some capacity to free up in order to take holidays for courses and a reduction of working hours. If I can get both in the next weeks I’m fine. If not I need to quit and go back to work at my parents store. Met my father recently, it would be really bad if I would have to see that asshole every day. At least I got an option to choose if my current work situation shouldn’t accommodate my needs. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t work out. Those team leaders simply don’t give a shit. I wouldn’t too because the captain of a bunch of assholes gotta be a even greater asshole I guess. Better prepare an exit strategy too, since I’m there over temp work company. Man, I sure do use the word “asshole” a lot. Maybe still traumatised by that smell and taste of that Japanese booty. Never can I picture the pretty face of Asian women without… but hey, maybe that ain’t so bad either. If I could I would just live for myself. Like a hermit. Yea. I don’t need anyone but those relationships that are feeding me, putting clothes on my back, a roof over my head and occasionally make babies with. Would do without the last if I could. Maybe I can find a way to work around that. Without a girlfriend. I hate people. And the women that matches my mind is yet to be born. And I know that physical attraction wears off so if the heavens don’t open and let a women descend for me to marry I refuse to date. And the world signals me in its own way that I’m not supposed to. Again, call me crazy but when I hear those low life retards hiding behind their relationships, heck any relationship, I’m damn glad that we have nothing in common.



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